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Why is there so much suffering in the world?

I'll try to break this down into a few paragraphs..

       My son was born with a rare disorder called dwarfism and it was an extremely tough
time for my wife and I.  I'm not sure what the current statistics are but this condition affects about 1 in 30,000 children.  I was mad at the world for some time but then when my son was about 4 yrs old we attended a Little People of America group meeting.  I saw people with kids were more physically challenged than my son.  My wife and I found ourselves encouraging the other parents.  I guess you can say a bad situation turned good.  I realized how much of a gift my son is and I became humbled by the situation.  It took me awhile but I came to accept that we have situations that we don't understand. I believe God did all that in me and my wife's life for a purpose.  My point is sometimes there is some suffering that is beyond our control and we need to have faith that everything will be ok.
       99% of he destruction and death caused in the world boils down to selfish, defiant
people who have decided to perform evil deeds.  This includes governments, organizations and people who are just corrupt socially and mentally.  Here's my illustration that I tell people...if there is a king over a certain kingdom and the villagers decide one day to go out and burn the crops and do crazy things, is it the king's fault ?  The people made their own choices.  We, everyone, at the end of the day make make our own choices.  God did not make us like robots but he gave us free will.
      When Adam and Eve committed the first sin the world became distorted.  The disease called sin entered into society for future years to come and thus we have become corrupt with a sinful nature and desire.  Yes, this caused corruption on a physical level as well as
a spiritual level.  

    So my suggestion to you is to think about the above and let me know if you have any comments or questions.  See my email below and thank you for visiting this site.


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