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Does God exist..?  What is this religion thing..?

First, I will tell you that ever since the beginning of civilization man worshipped something. That is religion, the belief and/or the worship of something. It may have been gods in the form of idols or symbols representing a god. The Mayans and the Egyptians had the sun symbol representing their major god, the Sun god. Almost every ancient culture had a symbol representing an underworld or god of death as well as a god representing rebirth or life in some form. In third world countries, today, practices of "dark magic" or what some call "witchcraft" are prevalent (my point is there is a spiritual realm that is very real, unfortunately I had a personal experience with dark magic) There is something that has drawn mankind to the center of worship of whatever we choose that to be. We long for a higher being to help us fulfill certain needs in our lives and in our hearts. In time we became more industrialized and slowly man became obsessed with material things and we graduated away from worship and the more spiritual oriented lifestyle/beliefs. 

Second, Joseph Smith, founder of the Chuch of the Later Day Saint; Muhammad, founder of Islam; and Rev. Moon found of the Unification Church all have one thing in common. These men all claim to have seen a vision of light which came from God. The claim that God instructed them to lead people in the one, correct truth. In the Bible, 2 Corinthians 11:13,14, it states that Satan masquerades as an angel of light to deceive. It appears that Satan did a really good job of deceiving these men and they are not the only ones who have fallen for visions of demonic or false angels.

Third, the followers/believers of Mohammed, Joseph Smith, Confucius, and Siddartha Gautama (buddhism) all recognize that these leaders are still buried in their perspective tombs. The tomb where Jesus Christ was laid to rest is empty. His tomb is empty because he rose on the third day as promised.  There are dozens of people that have tried to disprove the resurrection but have been unable to do that due to overwhelming evidence. In fact to my amazement, most people who have gone out of their way to disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ have ended up excepting the fact and have converted to Christianity.

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